15 Jan

Snack on a blinged out poodle? No silly. Eat. Sparkly. Dogs.

Food. Jewelry. Dogs. And other things I love. On a schedule. Because in addition to loving food, jewelry and dogs, I also love schedules.

It’s Saturday. And Saturday is going to be my day of wanderlust. Exploring my hometown. Planning my next vacation. Thinking about why I love to travel. Reflecting on what I’ve learned on trips.

I live in one of the greatest cities in the world, yet fall into that trap that I have to believe most of the world falls into, of saving the spirit of adventure for vacations, not for their own hometown. I’ve been starting a list of things that I want to explore in my town, once the snow clears and I can get outside and explore. Snow clearing and being able to explore on foot is important to how I like to see a place.

My husband always teases me that my favorite thing to do is “walk around and see stuff”. He’s right. I always have a hard time choosing between wandering around neighborhoods or diving into a museum filled with masterpieces. I’ve been to Paris 3 times and have never set foot in the Louvre. And I have two art history degrees!

This city is filled with specialty museums. Each community seems to have one. And I’ve never been to any of them. I want to spend a few days going to the Mexican Fine Arts Museum, the DuSable Museum, the Pullman Porter Museum, the Museum of Surgical Science and I’m sure there are many more. Make theme days. Find places to eat that go with each museum (well, maybe not the Surgical Science one). And see what the city has to offer beyond the big famous palaces of culture.

So stay tuned for those adventures. And for tomorrow’s post. Sunday is cooking day.


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