I knew it was going to be bad, but this is just silly

19 Jan

I didn’t even make any impulse purchases. Today’s mission was restock on basics (foundation, concealer and eye shadow), and get something to tackle my aging face. I’m fixating on a big forehead wrinkle, as well as my crow’s feet, and I believe there’s a magic product that I just haven’t found yet. So I’m searching.

Stock up day at Ulta. Scary.

So what did I get? My tried and true basics. I love Smashbox. I’ve been using their High Definition Healthy FX Foundation for years. It’s light, yet covers well, and it smells like cookies or some kind of baked goods, but in a subtle way. And I always go back to the vanilla and sable shadows as my neutrals. I augment them with different colors depending on my hair color or the seasons/trends. But these are my standbys.

I decided to try the Olay Pro anti-aging regime. We’ll see how that goes. Here’s my start forehead wrinkle (makeup free).

Untreated, naked forehead wrinkles. Before.

I hope to post a smoother photo in a few weeks.  I will admit to googling “botox”.


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