Brew in the hood is good

20 Jan

Wait long enough, and your neighborhood will turn. If you’re lucky.

We bought a house in an ‘emerging’ neighborhood 8+ years ago. The kind of place where you woke up to the sound of helicopters overhead reporting on the latest gang murder. Where the houses had a lot of potential if you didn’t mind a little scare every now and then. You had your pick of great places to get an authentic, hearty fried meal of the various cultures that were well represented in the area. (I don’t do well with fried food, and I’m very vegetarian leaning, so these places didn’t have much for me). There was a basic bar and grill with better than average bar and grill food, and the pioneering foodie outpost. And that was about it. We went to the grill often, and the foodie place occasionally. And often left the neighborhood to go out.

We realized recently that we hadn’t been to the grill in months. Because suddenly we live in the new hot dining neighborhood. We have a new sushi spot, a pizza place, a café, a French bakery, and the hipsteriest of hipster restaurants opened in the last year and crowds waiting to get in there (I’m not a huge fan – maybe another post for another day…), and to the now more popular than ever foodie place are common sites. We also got a microbrewery within walking distance. I find myself there every two weeks alternating between the best burger in the city (the Workingman), and my favorite brunch (and birthday meal of choice this year, the Breakfast From Scratch). RevBrew uses really good ingredients, prepared simply. Everything tastes like what it’s supposed to be. The entrees I’ve had have been very good. My only complaints are that they’re a bit heavy handed across the board with the salt, and that everything does not need blue cheese. Mussels with blue cheese in the broth doesn’t work. The beer is generally really good. I don’t think I’ve tasted anything they’ve brewed that I don’t like. My favorite might be the Workingman Mild. It’s a low alcohol beer (3.5% I think), yet has a ton of flavor. I don’t know why anyone would ever drink a Miller Lite when you can drink light beer that tastes this good.



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