Making my list

23 Jan

It’s home cooking Sunday, and my first full week on WW. So I’m making my plan for the week, and checking the pantry and figuring out what I’m going to make.  I’m also going through my bookmarks in my cooking folder where I tag things that look good, and then never make them. I’m going to make at least one this week.

Cauliflower Dal with Panch Phoran from Fat Free Vegan Kitchen. That should give us a dinner and a few lunches. I’m also going to make Sweet Potato Black Bean Burritos from Moosewood. I’ve made these many times, and with a jicama salad will be a good easy dinner after work one day (I’ll make the filling today so they’ll just need to be assembled and warmed up during the week).

We have a lot of fish in the freezer, so there will be a few nights of broiled fish with veggies and some kind of grain side dish. And I still have quite a bit of turkey bean soup in the freezer, so I’ll have that for lunch a few times this week.


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