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My best friend is a crabby bitch

18 Jan

with a secret past, a fear of strange men, and a snack-stealing habit. She’s an approximately 4-year old mutt that we adopted from New Leash on Life 3 years ago. She’s some kind of pit-bullesque dog.75 pounds of love. Mostly for me. She still follows me around like a little puppy, and mourns when I leave the house if she’s not in her crate. I think she’s gorgeous and she thinks I have thumbs and can give her food, and praise and love. Right now, I think she’s mad at me because I haven’t been able to take her for a walk in weeks. I tell her that I miss it more than she does, at least she gets to go for walks with other people. I don’t. I don’t know that she has any idea what I’m saying.

She’s not the most exuberant waggy happy dog (that’s our other one), but she’s my girl. I wish she could tell me what happened before she came into our lives. Why her hackles rise and she cowers when a man in a hood walks towards us. Why she still inhales her food after years of steady meals. Why she snores like a 90 year old man. Why she makes that same fantastic moan when she settles into bed that her predecessor dog used to make (but that our other dog doesn’t make).


Sweet Ms. Lo


She’s chewed through pretty much every toy we’ve ever given her, but a friend gave her one of these and it’s been a huge hit.  I’ll be sure that she always has one to chomp. And plenty of kisses and treats.



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