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Ask and ye shall receive

21 Jan

I have fairly specific taste in accessories. Once you get a handle on my style, it’s pretty easy to decide if I’d like something. My husband has mastered this.

My parents, after buying me presents for my entire life, have learned that it’s best to ask if there’s anything specific I want for my birthday. And they’ve done a great job getting me exactly what I want. This year it was a necklace from Hillary Hackey. I saw her booth at a craft fair this summer and bookmarked her site for future shopping. And pointed my parents to this.

It’s a great every-day necklace. Delicate but interesting.

My father-in-law also asked for direction, and I also pointed him to someone I’d seen at a craft show – Erin Tracey. I’d visited her at the One of a Kind Show in Chicago and Toronto and loved her layered rings and cement jewelry. I now happily wear these in silver (polished and matte), purple acrylic and wood.

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