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I’ll show you my playlist…

17 Jan

Monday is running/exercise day. I’ll start every week with a focus on moving, since I know lots of people start their exercise program on Monday. Or next Monday.

Why do I run? I run because I’m a list maker and project planner. I like breaking big jobs into small tasks and then checking them off a list when I’m done. Sounds like marathon training to me! I like the measurability of it. I like how it gets me out into the world around me. I like how I see so much more when I’m running than when I’m driving or riding my bike. I like how endurance events redefine. Redefine yourself and redefine how others see you. I like how it gets me in shape like nothing else. I like how it gives me an excuse to listen to music I would never listen to in another context.

:30 running playlist

My current favorite :30 run playlist

I like how you need some gear, but not TONS of gear. I like how a cute little pouch can make your running life so much better. I like how you can do it anywhere. How you can run around almost any city (I have found myself in very congested cities where the sidewalks are used as restaurants and shops and the streets are used as motocross tracks leaving nowhere to run), and how all you need to take with you is a sports bra, shorts, shoes and socks. And you’re good to go.

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